Moving Forward




Eat. Pray. Run.


My gosh, it’s been 3 months since I’ve posted; I am so sorry. Work has literally taken over my life, but everyone has excuses, I’m sure you don’t want to read mine.

Anyhoot, I have been able to exercise and keep up…for the most part. I ran a 5K with my sister, the newest Mommy around. I don’t think I mentioned that at any point – I’m an Aunt to a beautiful little baby girl. Lucy is already two months old, I’m so behind. Back to it; so my sister needed some motivation to get back into shape, so we signed up for a 5K. Finished it in decent time, even with a baby stroller.

This past weekend, I ran a 20K with one of my other sisters. She completely hated me throughout the entire thing. She will be joining the US Army in October, so she too needed so motivation. The distance was a little too much for her though. Oh well, I didn’t run my best, but I also did not train as I should have. None the less, I finished it and got my medal 🙂 I ran the Leesburg 20K last year, and liked it much more this year. Maybe I’m a little more seasoned, or maybe they were a little more organized. I think they also changed the course. Regardless, it was great weather along the W & OD trail and through the streets of downtown Leesburg , VA.

Come visit down to wine country if you haven’t been to Loudoun County Virginia. It’s quite the drive from most places, but worth it once you’re out here. And if seriously considering wineries, I would recommend Bluemont Vineyards. Beautiful views, great wine, and good music.

Just wanted to check in with y’all to see whats been going on in blogger world; I’ve been away too long. I need to get back into a routine…we’ll see how that goes.

Don’t Quit


My life has just been turned upside down the last few weeks…

Ever since my family moved, it hasn’t been the same. As I’ve said, I spend entirely too much time in my car. By the time I get home, I am too tired to do much of anything. Lucky for you all, the past 3 weeks have been action packed!

April 12th was the Sole of the City 10K in Baltimore..and it was my sister’s first 10K!!! More importantly, it was a race to support Erika Brannock. Erica was involved in the Boston Marathon bombings last year. This was a very emotional race for me, and many others. All the races I’ve been doing lately have had a lot more meaning! Anyhoot, Erika has come a long way from having her leg amputated; the worst part of her situation, in my opinion, was that she was there to see a family member race. I can’t even imagine going through something of that nature. She truly is an inspiration! Look up the Erika Brannock Supporters on Facebook, or stop by


I started a new position at the hotel-so very exciting! I’ve been a busy bee, which is why I have no desire to get back on the computer when I get home. Sorry all! But I really do want to put running and this blog back to the top of my priorities. Running brings together such an amazing community and I love it too much to stay away.

Some of you may read my posts regularly, or for some, you may have just come across my page. It is with great sadness for me to say our General Manager passed away last week from his long battle with Colon Cancer. It was an extremely rough week at work, and very emotional. I was able to stop by the viewing to pay my respects to my wonderful boss. Our team ran the Chris4Life Colon Cancer 5K just last month to show our support for him; me and my family ran last year for my grandmother, and again this year. We received the usual goody bag with the race shirt and other promotional items. One other thing we received was a pin, to show awareness for Colon Cancer. A Blue Ribbon Star.


On Sunday, I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC. I not only wore my grandmother’s charm for good luck, but my Colon Cancer pin. With a heavy heart I gave that race all I had, especially after not having properly trained. Pushing through the hills, and aches and pains, and thinking don’t give up the entire way.


just do it werundc

photo 3

I’ll leave you all with the quote on the back of John’s prayer card:


I missed you guysssss


Okay bloggers-I missed you!

I haven’t typed a real post here in far too long…so lets recap to the beginning of March.

As most of you know, the General Manager at my hotel has Colon Cancer-we were able to celebrate another birthday with him. I am not the biggest fan of hospitals because, well, you go there to visit those who are ill. It just makes me sad. But it was John’s birthday, so I swallowed my nerves, made a fancy no sew fleece blanket, and got to see my boss. Although he didn’t look too well, it was so great to see him, and he was glad to see me. I was able to meet some of his family; and to me, that was kind of a big deal. It’s great to know I’ve built amazing relationships throughout my life. You never know whom you affect!


March was also Colon Cancer Awareness Month-so naturally I ran the Chris4Life Colon Cancer 5K with my family and co-workers. I ran last year with my family, in honor of Mum-Mum. This year was a little different; I ran in memory of Mum-Mum and in honor of John. I’m super competitive, but this race had more meaning to me. I ran with my sisters, and coworkers, and have no idea what time I finished in. It doesn’t matter if I came in first or last, just that I fought through 3 miles, just as many patient fight through chemo.

IMG_5879 IMG_5869

On a more positive note, John was released from the hospital last week after being there for three months. Great news!

My little sister came home for spring break, and we celebrated her birthday by enjoying a Washington Capitals game! Her first game actually, we had a blast!!! That same day, I received more great news-I got a promotion at work! I’ll be a manager! Very exciting.


Other than that, I’ve been super busy transitioning jobs, school, baking, and running. My older sister’s baby is due in less than a month, so we had a few baby showers for her these past few weeks. Any day now! This coming weekend I will be running in the Sole of the City 10K with my sister, her first 10K! Also for a great cause, and its always fun sharing an experience like your first race with someone. I’m excited for her, and cant wait!

Where are you racing this weekend? Which ones have you recently completed?